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Community Access

Community Access Facilitation (CAF) is a unique service that enables participants to learn about what resources are available within their community and how to connect with these resources. The Community Access program begins with a meeting with the community access facilitator to assess your needs and interests. From there, you work together with your facilitator to build the life skills and resources you value the most. CAF can also help if you are new to Toronto.

CAF offers instruction and support in:

  • connecting to financial resources
  • researching affordable housing options and planning the move
  • accessing community health services
  • joining social and recreational activities
  • accessing educational, pre-vocational or volunteer opportunities
  • advocating when barriers arise
  • exploring and connecting with your neighbourhood

For more information on CAF, or to register for BALANCE services, please email info@balancefba.org or call (416) 236-1796.